Damn! I’m tyrannosaurus wrecked!

February 4, 2008

Mmmmmm! Mmmmm! I love sugarfree redbull!!!! Love it!

I just had a can (which I haven’t had in months – because I quit caffeine). I guess I just unquit caffiene. I love the stuff! It tastes awesome and I feel energetic, my foot wont stop tapping. I feel really good. But as is well known “what goes up, must come down”, so I know I’m going to feel pretty shitty quite soon.

But how great it is when you’re up! That’s the catch with drugs (yes, caffeine is a drug): Even if you don’t feel like crap when you are off of them, you know somethings missing when you are without them. You know that you could feel just a little bit better if you had a little. Just a little. Just a little bit to get your head straight *chugs redbull*.

Okay, I am exaggerating my love for redbull but I think that that little intro paved the way really nicely to today’s topic. Drugs! Yay!

Don’t get too excited all you crackwhores and junkies… I just found some interesting drug related links and stories. There’s no free peanutbutter and crack sandwiches here.


Will your potential employer drug test you? Find out!


Pot vending machines -Its about time!

Marijuana therapy is a part of anger managament? Really? So that’s why I’m angry all the time! This whole time all I needed was some pretty purple haze to calm me down. You can contribute to my therapy by donating to the Prophet Anger Management Fund (soon to accept PayPal payments!).


Absinthe lollipops?

In case you’re a lazy mo’fo’ that didn’t bother clicking on the link there is one thing you HAVE TO read:

Will these lollipops get me wasted? – Hell fucking yes they will! You’ll be sent on an intergalactic trip to Holyshitland as soon as you take a lick. The crackhead on the street corner tried one and said it was better than smoking rocks. Try one and you’ll slice an ear off and give it to a hooker before you can say “Damn, I’m tyrannosaurus wrecked, what the hell happened to my ear?”


That is poetry right there people! Read and learn! Those words up there are classic. I’m probably going to be quoting them for the next few years!

“You’ll be sent on an intergalactic trip to Holyshitland as soon as you take a lick!”

” Damn, I’m tyrannosaurus wrecked!”

Hahahahaha! Love it!


Damn y’all, my boss walked in and I had to go to his office where I received the “you are the future, it’s your time to shine” lecture. Its now 3.30 and it looks like I’m not going to get out until atleast 5. Damnit!


2 Responses to “Damn! I’m tyrannosaurus wrecked!”

  1. fashionated said

    some1 needs to lay off the caffeine :P i got hyper just reading this..now hand over those lollipops!

  2. TAT said

    “You’ll be sent on an intergalactic trip to Holyshitland as soon as you take a lick!”

    really i’m already there ….

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