November 15, 2007

I’ve been having trouble sleeping lately. I just can’t seem to sleep at night. And its really starting to get to me. Anyway, I came into work the other way and I fell asleep. I could feel it coming and I couldn’t stop it. I can never stop it. All I can do is try to make myself as comfortable as I can. I’ve fallen asleep in so many random places. I’ve fallen asleep on a small couch in a bathroom before, which I decided to stop doing once I found out that that was where some homeless people slept. *shudder* Gross homeless people, not the clean ones, if they exist. And I fell asleep on a tile floor once (which wasn’t as bad as I expected- its really good for your back). Anyway, back to my original story: So I fell asleep at work. As refreshing as it was, I was worried about how I could “ragga3” that situation if I was caught. And so I managed to find a number of excuses I could use if I ever fall asleep again…

5 Best Things to Say When Caught Sleeping at Your Desk:

5. “They told me at the Blood Bank this might happen.”

4. “This is just a 15 minute power nap they raved about in the time management course you sent me to.”

3. “Whew! Guess I left the top off the Whiteout. You probably got here just in time.”

2. “Did you ever notice sound coming out of these keyboards when you put your ear down real close?”

And the NUMBER ONE best thing to say if you get caught sleeping at your desk…

1. Raise your head slowly and say, “…in Jesus’ name, Amen.”


Here are a couple of links. Entertain yourselves:

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11 Responses to “*Yawn*”

  1. Chika said

    LOL! Praise the lord then.. I was expecting a rant on Rafeeq :P

  2. Enigma said

    Once I slept for half an hour in class. The seats were large and comfy and the lights were off 3ashan the professor was using slides.

    I was sitting in the front row ;p

  3. This Lady said

    how stupid. sorry no offense but why would they need tattoos 4 the blind! thats just stupid!

    LOOL I love the reasons 4 sleeping! especially the Blood Bank one!

  4. N. said

    This is rather short, not like you at all. I prefer the longer ones :p None the less, AMEN.

    Enjoy your naps, don’t let anyone tell when you can and can’t sleep!

  5. red said

    u r sooo funny

  6. Blue Dress said

    loool i love the first one! hahahaha.

  7. Chirp said

    I agree with N, I prefer the longer posts :P

    I LOVE LAMP, Amen ;)

  8. Tooomz said

    Britney Spears! Britney Spears!

  9. Zed said

    lol love this post

  10. I was searching for this kind of a blog for months now. Actually lost the hope of finding one, but here i am :) Thanks for the great articles! Looking forward for a little read after dinner :)

  11. N. said

    Have you been found out at work or something. Keep posting! :)

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