Post #769

October 17, 2007

Owwww…. my toes hurt. *whine* Seriously my big toes hurt. I think I might have a mild case of ingrown nail. Not cool, I know, but it happens. Why do we have toenails anyway? We don’t really need them. I understand why we have fingernails. I mean, fingernails you can use to….ummmm….. pick your nose…. ummmm…. measure the perfect snort of cocaine and …. ummm…. ummm… remove stickers from things. See? Finger nails are useful. But toenails are pretty useless. You can’t really do any of that stuff with your toenails (well, I guess you technically could if you’re really flexible). But for the most part, toenails are just an annoyance. So, I’ve decided to get my toenails removed . Okay, so maybe I won’t get them removed but I want to because toenails suck ass.

You know what else is wrong with the human body? We’re missing tails. I want a tail. A nice long furry tail that I can cuddle with when I’m going to sleep. A nice long tail that I can play with when I’m lonely. A tail that I can hug when I’m crying. *sob* Oh, I’m sooo lonely! *wail*

Just kidding, but seriously, having a tail would be awesome. It would keep flies and mosquitoes away from you. You could smack people in the face with your tail when they annoy you and then say “Oh, that silly tail has a mind of its own!”. So many things to do once you have a tail! The possibilities are endless!

Oh, hold on, I’ve got some work to do. Actual work. Credit division work…. sweet!

Damn you guys, this work looks like its going to take a while…. we’re going to have to finish this tomorrow.

BTW: WordPress saved this post as #769. Which is weird, I haven’t written that many posts have I? Go and count them, will you? Let  me know how many I have.  C’mon, chip chop! Snippity snap!


8 Responses to “Post #769”

  1. Blue Dress said

    LOL, wa2 eva!

    Toe nails are for toe nail polish.

  2. Blue Dress said

    i have a tail. *wiggiling*

  3. Tooomz said

    No pictures? :(((

    I like pictures! Do you mean I have to go back and actually read?

    P.S. I removed Toto’s nails when I was in 11th grade with my friend whose love for Adderal you both have in common. Strange sentence structure…I don’t feel like fixing it.

  4. chikapappi said

    Yeah – where are those crazy pictures! I demand some shit ! Am pissed off! :@

  5. Prophet said

    I put you a picture of toes with removed nails, what more do you want from me?! I slave and slave over my posts all day while you’re out having sex with random people and I don’t even get a ‘thank you’. You’re so ungrateful! *Prophet runs away in tears*

    Jeez, ma yi3jibkum il 3ajab wala il 9iyam fee rajab! I told you I got work to do today! What are you kids gonna do when I get a real job? You’re just going to have to learn to start fending for yourselves, y’hear? Now get!

  6. Hasan.B said

    Lol! That was a very funny post! Your post made me google the subject,and this is what i came out with!

  7. N. said


    You mean something like this?


  8. Tooomz said

    *feels guilty* 6anko

    I work so that you don’t have to. Hmm that doesn’t sound right…I really don’t know what I’d do if you got a proper job. Probably find another blog with pictures :P

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