Ethnic Cleansing

October 16, 2007

Welcome back children! Welcome back to your retarded 8-3 (or 9-5) workdays, for which you will be paid the same meager amount of money that you were paid during ramadan when you were working half the time and doing the same shit. What a pleasure it is to be back, isn’t it?

I don’t completely hate coming back right now because my boss isn’t here. No boss means, no work (or rather no need to pretend to work). Just sitting here sipping my chocolate milk and surfing the net. Which I do on regular days except now there’s no worry I’m going to get some retarded-ass, below-me task to do. I technically was assigned crap to do this week, but honestly, fuck it. Drinking this chocolate milk is more challenging than the shit I have to do. Suck, gargle, swallow, wipe mouth, repeat. That’s the Prophet way of drinking. And ofcourse each sip much be followed with a loud “Ahhhhhhhh!”.

Anyway, enough about work, there are a couple of more things to talk about before I get to the main topic of this post. The first of which is that its finally happened. No… I haven’t lost my virginity (I just “misplaced”it). I’m talking about the fact that I have been finally been identified. Somebody (who I haven’t told) knows my true identity. I’ve been waiting for this (not that its that hard to do if you pay attention to the things that I say). So now, its my turn. This is for you Blondie: I’ve narrowed you down to pretty much one person. Say hi to 7adjiya for me…. am I right? I am sooooooo right! Woooohooooo! The Prophet prevails! And I had only one hint. *gulp* I hope I’m right.

Anyway, something else I should probably mention: I didn’t bother to get a domain or wireless internet. Even though I’ve had the time. I really can’t be bothered. I think I should get a personal assistant to do these things for me. But then again I can’t really be bothered to look for a personal assistant. Its a vicious cycle. Its a disease. Laziness should be treated with medication in my opinion. Psychotherapy wouldn’t work because if you lay me down on a leather couch and start talking about “feelings”, I’d be asleep in 5.

Jesus! It’s freaking freezing in here! I can’t even think. Hold on you guys…. I’m going to call maintenance to turn of this friggin’ AC…..

Okay, I’m back…. Stupid maintenance still didn’t come and its been 20 minutes. TIMMY!

Let me put up so mildly entertaining things for you before I get into the important topic of ethnic cleansing:

Sand Sculptures

Bruc Lee Loves Birthdays

I hate these: Pictures in pictures in pictures…..

Transparent Frogs Used for Research

I’ve been thinking of dying my cat- this is a cool idea


Now for a mini-retarded video! This video reminds me of when I was a kid. I used to watch Animaniacs alot. There was this segment called Good Idea-Bad Idea. For example, they would show somebody taking a shower and they’d say GOOD IDEA. Then they’d show somebody taking a shower with a toaster and consequently getting electrocuted. BAD IDEA.


The following video is a BAD IDEA:




Okay, on to our topic of the day, ethnic cleansing. Lets get something straight first before you people start whining that killing people is wrong… blah blah blah, I don’t believe in killing people because of their ethnicity, religion, color… etc. So maybe “ethnic cleansing” is the incorrect term but it is the most appropriate in this case. Because what I intend to do ( if once I have the power) is kill a certain type of people. Geezy people. You know who I’m talking about. Those fugly boys with spiky hair that walk around marina hitting on girls. Those whorish girls with kilos of makeup on their face that prance around muhallab looking for dick. Basically Kuwaiti trash. The Kuwaiti trash epidemic transcends social classes, religious views, and wealth lines. You find rich trash and poor trash. Its everywhere people! And its time to clean up!

I think a system should be installed where geezy people are penalized. Not with fines but with beatings. I have an extreme version involving concentration and “rehabilitation” camps for offenders. That might be too extreme. So I’ll go with one of my brother’s suggestions. A sort of more vigilante approach. My little brother proposed that he basically gets a beatup reinforced pickup and along with a bunch of his friends beat up trash that they see wherever they go. I like it. Except, these vigilante groups would be really hard to monitor, and alot of things could potentially go wrong. But its a start and something has to be done about these people.

Why they’d need a beat-up pickup? Well, so that they don’t feel bad when they run into geezy people and their cars. Like, for example, this whole new thing where people put ‘strass’ (fake diamonds) on their cars. WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT?!

What the hell is wrong with people? You know what that is? You know what that is? Its nouveau riche its motherfucking nigga rich! What do you hope people will think when they see that shit on your car? That your car is pretty? That you are classy? C’mon you can’t be that retarded to think others actually think that. Well, then again you might be with that shit on your car. Only retarded people would do that and then go “Oooooo! Shiny!”.

You know what I think when I see that out on the road? I think “Get your silly-ass car out of my way before I run you the fuck over. Motherfucker.” I don’t care if you have an Isuzu or a Porsche if it has that shit on it your car is automatically silly-ass, you will get no respect and you frankly don’t deserve any. If any of you, my dear readers, have that crap on your car, I don’t want to know about it. Actually, if you have that crap on your car stop reading my blog, I’m ashamed of you. Actually, I’m more than ashamed, I’m disgusted. Leave! Just leave!

Seriously, whats Kuwait coming to? Look at the people in our malls, on our streets. Look at what society praises and deems important. Sure, there are a couple of good people around here. But in general, can you say you are proud of the majority of the people around here? I can’t. And that’s a shame, a damn shame.

But I don’t think its too late. I think that with ethnic cleansing, immense restructuring of the education system and reevaluation of morals, we can still save this country! Who’s with me?

Sara: “I am!”

Mick: “I am!”

Lolli: “Me too!”

Sabeecha: “Haman ana!”

Rover: “Woof!”


*Sara, Mich, Lolli, Sabeecha, and Rover are my alternate personalities. And they TOTALLY agree with me! See? I have people who support me and love me!


11 Responses to “Ethnic Cleansing”

  1. chikapappi said

    OK! Let’s get the killing parteeeeeeeh started! WOHO! Fake diamonds! they fucking annoy me with that! I dunno what the hell is the point they wanna make! What ever! “pimping” their rides!

    WTF happened to the fire spitting guy in the vid! LMAO!!! & Bruce LOL!

    P.S: Is dude at your office included too , in the cleansing process I mean!? If so, *waves bye to Rafeeq*!

  2. Tooomz said

    Blondie revealed your identity? For shame! I was waiting for it to happen actually…Nothing bodes well after the words “I want to be anonymous” are uttered.

    And I’m with you ;P

    P.S. By “domain” did you mean “proxy”?

  3. Blue Dress said


    IM IN and also
    Blue and dress ;p

    Suck, gargle, swallow, wipe mouth, repeat. That’s the Prophet way of drinking. And ofcourse each sip much be followed with a loud “Ahhhhhhhh!”.

    I tried that with the energy drink , yasalaaam refreshing – the mouth wiping lool

    and about the ethic cleansing i am with you but it will be worse than the 300 war!


  4. Blondie said

    No actually there were three hints:

    1. “turbo-ectomy”

    2. me being “stupid”

    3. the lovely Mona


  5. Me and a whole army are just waiting for your “GO” sign.

  6. Prophet said

    Chika: Rafeeq is to die. But he will be killed before the ethnic cleansing starts. I will scald him to death with the hot tea he never bothers to get me.

    Tooomz: I told Blondie I was a blogger. I didn’t tell her which one though. I’m sure she has been searching for me ever since! And BTW I have no idea if by domain I mean proxy. I don’t know what I mean anymore. I just need more webspace.

    Blondie: I thought you were one of my readers that i had insulted and called stupid (I do that alot). I knew from the “Mona” comment. Don’t tell my brother what my blog is will you? The only reason I get to say the things I say is so that it doesn’t come back to me. Don’t go spreading word about who I am. Damn it! I’m going to have to change my blog now! Why’d you have to go looking for me?

  7. Blondie said

    well turbo-ectomy is still a 2nd hint then..

    dont worry i wont tell him a thing. stupid is fine, but tattle-tale is crossing the lines a little bit dont you think? ;)

    and i didnt go looking for you! i was reading random blogs and i happened to figure out this one was yours!

  8. N. said

    There is a prescription for laziness, it’s called coke (the kind you snort)!

    You said you need a personal assistant. What about Rafeeq? Isn’t he your bitch now? :p

  9. Prophet said

    N: Hmmmm…. coke, eh? I think that would start to mess up my sleeping pattern. Not to mention collapse my nasal bridge, I just got surgery to fix my nose, and it was damn expensive. I wouldn’t want to have to pay for another surgery, now would I? Instead of coke I was thinking more along the lines of potent prescription amphetamines, what do you think?

    I wouldn’t make Rafeeq my personal assistant if he was the last cockroach on Earth.

  10. Swair said

    aham shay ina semeeeti (3ashat Sara 3ASHAT!) already agreed for me, so that’s a double FUCK YEAH I’M WITH U! :p

  11. Alia said

    I am with you!

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