Can you feel it?

October 11, 2007

Hello children! You can feel it, cant you? I know you can. Its in the pit of your stomach and in the back of your mind. You know its coming: That’s right! Its vacation time! Woohooo! *Conga Line!*

Ahhh… there’s nothing better than the feeling that you wont have to come back to the misery of office life for a while. No more annoying bosses, no more faggoty tea boys, no more… well, atleast for a few days anyway.

Its Eid! The end of the holy month. Which, unfortunately, also means the end of short work days. I don’t know if I can go back to regular work hours. Waking up at 7:00? Damn! Thats just plain evil, especially, when I know that I’m just waking up to go and waste my time (time which could be used sleeping) at a retarded job. *Sigh* But who cares about that now? For the next 4 days there’s no such thing as work!!!

So then: Happy Eid to all – just don’t get too drunk.


Bird Flu Outbreak in Disneyland

I’d be scared

I love barbeque

In case you haven’t seen it: The Landlord




For some reason this is funny to me- The dino seems sincere





Kung Fu Baby – He’s real…




One Response to “Can you feel it?”

  1. chikapappi said

    *does the congaline with you *

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