October 10, 2007

Golly, you guys! This whole website thing is too darn complicated for a simpleton like me. So the best thing is to get Dreamhost then? Uhhhh…. I’ll have to consult more people before I make a big decision that costs 8 KD a year. Money doesn’t grow on trees you know!

Actually, I wish it were stinginess that makes me hesitate, I’m just too lazy to try and work a whole new system that is possibly more of a hassle than wordpress (which is kinda retarded to start with). So you guys are going to have to bear with me. Be patient my children… await the goodness and merriment that is in the near future.

To 6aman all of you, I got a blood test today and I’m negative for diabetes! Hooray! Kit-kats for everyone! Hoora!

The doctor I saw thinks I have “exhaustion” though. Which I don’t really buy seeing as I don’t exactly exert myself in any way. But then again exhaustion can result from mental stress. What’s stressing me? I don’t know. But I’m really sensitive, I cry when people use antibacterial- I can hear the bacteria screaming *sob*.

Lol, anyway its a stress free life for me from now on! I think I need to work on improving my sleeping environment. I think I haven’t been sleeping well. Sleep is one of the most important things in my life. And when I don’t sleep well or enough everything falls apart. Must sleep more. Its time to go pillow shopping. Where do they sell good pillows? I want nice puffy fluffy ones that you sink into. Like the ones they have in those swishy-swashy hotels *dream*. That’s exactly what I need! A good pillow, warm blanket, my couch, and one of the following playing on TV:

  1. Golf Channel
  2. Weather Channel
  3. Japanese News

Any one of the above programs are guaranteed to put you to sleep. Japanese news is the best because you can’t understand a word that they say so you don’t concentrate on it. And even if they are talking about an earthquake that killed a thousand people, the Japanese always say it quietly, calmly, and soothingly: they’ll never disturb your drift into sleep.

Anyway, enough of that talk for now. Let me put up some random picture and use up the remaining 4%.

An Actual Sign




Wonderfully Evil Funeral Home Ad




Ouch! “Horrendous Injuries”











Now he’s gonna do things to her *gasp*



5 Responses to “Golly!”

  1. Swair said

    Lol the whole domain thing is easier than u think, bs 3ala ra7tech :*

    and did you know that that last cartoon was turned into a real story?
    you know those “AIDS-Infected Needles Are Everywhere, Even In Cinema Seats” e-mails?
    Well, another type of e-mail (but same format) was sent around that men “selling perfumes” were roaming the parking lots of malls and trying to catch women shopping alone lol

    You just helped spread the awareness while unaware :p

  2. chikapappi said

    Good for you girl – hope nothing ever gets you :)

  3. sknkwrkz said

    i said hotlink the pics dammit!

  4. Ouch! The bull!!

    But I really loved the Feminists pic. The guy had courage, man!

  5. Prophet said

    Sknk: Is hotlinking the same as normal linking? Or is it linking for sexy people? I always thought a hotlink was a type of sausage….
    Anyway, as you can tell I’m no computer junkie. I specialize in comedy not techmology.

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