October 8, 2007

Yeah, I know I haven’t posted in a week. I just don’t really feel like it. But the funny thing is I still haven’t even gone to buy an e-go yet. Yeah, I know, I’m lazy. Anyway, so I’m back to blogging from my office computer.

*Sighhh* I’m really tired you guys. I feel like my body and my mind are slowly breaking down. I’m tired all the time, my hand shakes alot, and I can barely think (let alone work). I get like this alot. Sometimes, I get better, sometimes I’m so tired I can’t move. I still haven’t figured out what’s wrong with me. I’ve been to a slew of doctors and they can’t figure out what’s wrong either. They always think its mono. Which its not cuz mama didn’t raise no whore. Secondly, its not because the mono test always comes out negative. I’ve also been tested for rare crap like lyme disease, which I’m also negative for. My thyroid function is also normal. I’m not sure how it is at this moment but about a year ago when I tested, I had I high SED rate. Even though I was technically not sick. The problem with having a high SED rate is that it indicates you have a problem but it doesn’t tell you what the problem is. Here are some possibilities:

  • Infection
  • Inflammatory diseases, such as rheumatoid arthritis and lupus
  • Blood cancers, such as leukemia and lymphoma
  • Cancers that have spread (metastasized)

Let’s go through the list. First of all, infection: That’s a very general word. But I would say it isn’t an infection because I don’t have a fever. And everybody know infections=fever. Second, inflammatory diseases: I don’t know much about rheumatoid arthritis, so I guess that’s one possibility. As for lupus, well, “its never lupus”. Last, cancer: I sure hope I don’t have that but then again when I think of it I am at risk to get it (genetically and environmentally). But then again I doubt I have cancer because then my lymph nodes would swell up right?

Although there isn’t much to go on, I want you to play a game called “Diagnose the Prophet”. I want you to suggest a disease that I may have and why you think I have it… it’ll be fun (be creative people- and this is also an opportunity to learn something new). So c’mon, help me find out my disease.

My guess is Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.


Yeah, I know those were complimakated medikal wurds. Don’t worry I won’t confuse you with any more (the piece above was for all you medical buffs, not TIMMY!). Anyway, on with the comics!


















Caps Lock












18 Responses to “*Siiiiiiiiiiggggggggghhhhh*”

  1. Tooomz said


    …okay to go and read your post now :P

  2. Chirp said

    LooooooooooL sh3ind fayooooo?! She thinks she has Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

    I think you should stop thinking about being sick and think about being healthy! Inshala ma feeech ila kil khair madam all the tests are coming out negative!

    Princess what would u like me to bring for u from my triP?

  3. Tooomz said

    What is a high SED?

    [One google search later…]

    Omg I looked it up and you Plagerizer of Random!


    Do you hear that sound? It’s the sound of my heart shattering :(

  4. Prophet of Random said

    Chirp: Where are you going? You’re leaving me? Noooooooo!!!

  5. Prophet of Random said

    It’s not plagiarism if its general knowledge and fact (says me!). I don’t have to reference all the crap I write.

    Lool… I like “Plagiarizer of Random”. very nice. very witty. I applaud you. But you still have not analyzed my case and given me a differential. C’mon people! I want a differential diagnoses!

  6. Chirp said

    I is going to Italia inshala! I’m so excited for shopping, ice cream and hot men!

  7. Tooomz said

    You could be pregnant.

    It could be hypothyriodism. It could be infection. It could be nothing.

    You need a complete bloodcount to see how much your hemoglobin is. Once you see that you can figure out other stuff.

  8. Prophet of Random said

    Tooomz: Wow, I must be carrying some baby seeing as I’ve been dealing with this for 2 years atleast. Maybe I’m carrying an alien child *dum dum dum!*

    It’s not hypothyroidism (good guess because of the fatigue) but the shaky hands indicate hyperthyroidism. Anyway its neither of those, I just tested my thyroid levels 2 days ago. Clean as a whistle.

    I should get a CBC just for fun, maybe something will turn up.

    Maybe its psychosomatic. I doubt it though.

  9. Prophet of Random said

    Chirp: Italy!!!!! Wansa, I hate u. Salamtich, just have fun for me. I would appreciate a bottle of the vino or an Italian man called Vincenzo will do too.

  10. Tooomz said

    I actually cheated and called a Doctor. I laughed @ pregnancy :P He did mention the hyperthyroidism = shaky hands, but he said he needed more information about your case and he started using long words that I can’t spell and I began daydreaming of unicorns and rainbows…

  11. Hasan.B said

    Are you a medical student? Or are you just clever?

  12. N. said

    I agree that you should see a doctor and get more diagnosis. IF you sit around sitting here asking us, we’d be no better than a weird red neck trailer park family prescribing medications for each other!
    O salamat matshofen shar.

  13. Swair said

    Salamat babe.. and i’ll have to e-mail this post to an uncle (a doctor individual)..

    Akhaf kila hatha cos of the lack of E-Go, maybe?

    and that mini video really is retarded *slaps forehead*

  14. chikapappi said

    You just to have a break! Nothing wrong with you girl… chronic madness more like it!

    I wonder, in real life – do you vent anger on regular basis or are you a quiet person! :)

  15. LOL @ mini video and Nephew!

    Regarding your symptoms. Hmm.. I think its most likely:
    Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
    Allergies (they make me feel really sleepy and sick)
    Nutrional diet (not enough vitamins or energy producing foods like protein)

    OR it could be psychological.

  16. ee said

    you need DR.HOUSE!!!

  17. Swair said

    Ok, excuse the weirdness of the following comment.. it’s just something i thought of in the shower this morning.. yes, i think of u and blogs in the shower.. how freaky is that.. Anyways, here goes:

    Doc: “Hmmm… it’s a good thing you came earlier or else you wouldn’t have any genitals!”

    Prophet: WHAT?!?!?! *Looks down, shocked*

    *Doesn’t see any missing genitals.. looks back up, just as shocked*

    Doc: *gives u a plain expression-less face, then bursts laughing* hahahahahahaha! Sorry! Must be my Doctor Humor! what’d u think of my poker face?

    Prophet: *hand on heart* heh heh heh.. *starts to think “Oh, I would love to POKE U IN THE FACE… with a SLEDGEHAMMER!”*

    Aaaaaannd SCENE! *bows to the audience*

  18. Prophet of Random said

    Hasan: I’m not a medical student, I am just that good *blush*.

    This Lady: Wow, I’m impressed. I actually think you’re the most correct in your assumptions. I think I have a little bit of everything you mentioned. Good job! You get a pat on the head and a scratch’n’sniff sticker! Yay!

    Chika: I’m a quiet person, around those I don’t know, that vents when given the opportunity.

    Swair: Its okay, alot of people think of me while in the shower *wink wink*.

    ee: I DO NEED DOCTOR HOUSE! I need his differential diagnosis.

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