And you think I’m random….

September 25, 2007

I’m quite a random person…. but something even I though was random is this. I wanted to punch the monitor when I saw it. Shakoo?

Anyway, let’s talk about me. As most of you could tell, I’ve been pretty depressed for a while. But now that’s changed. I’m not depressed anymore. I’m nothing. I’m completely void of sadness and happiness. I’m empty, I’m numb. It’s quite an interesting feeling. I don’t know if this is a bad thing. I started off thinking it was because now I don’t really want to do anything, because whatever I do will not change the way I feel. But now I’m reconsidering the whole situation. Maybe its not so bad, okay so I’m not motivated to do a single thing, but atleast I don’t feel like crap. Its kind of blissful. Its like floating in outerspace. It’s kind of scary at first, very quiet, but now I think it may be a blessing. I’m thinking I may start calling it peace instead of emptiness. We’ll see how long my positive attitude will last….

I’m done with my personal confession of the day, so on with the show!

I’m going to put two comics up first. I wonder who they remind me of. hmmmm… Can you you guess?



This next one take your time reading it. So many weird people out there (I’m not even sure if its real anymore because its so freaky):



Freaky Double Eye



Don’t Do It!


Some more comics and then onto the mini-retarded videos. The first mini-retarded video is dedicated to someone special; you know who you are.




Ewww… Lol!




Can Crush- She’s such a lady….













A Personal Favorite:

You cannot just walk into Mordor!

(watch it from the beginning, wait for the slide after the black one)

Quote of the Day:

” I think animal testing is a terrible idea; they get all nervous and give the wrong answers.”







11 Responses to “And you think I’m random….”

  1. chikapappi said

    I LOVE YOU!!! Hail to Ms. Prophetya of RANDOMNESS! WOHHAA!!

  2. Blue Dress said

    I totally think the
    guerilla is relevant.
    Wait is that Michael Jackson?!
    It’s called “INDIFFRENCE” BABY!

    anywho keep it up

  3. Blue Dress said

    P.S. the eye is photoshoped!

  4. Prophet of Random said

    Blue Dress: Are you sure that people cannot have two pupils? I think they can.

    And also, what I feel is more than a general indifference to things. I feel full on apathy towards almost everything.

    Chika: I feel the love!

  5. N. said

    You might enjoy this:

    It is a youtube video about how LOTR should have ended. :) I’m sure you’ll get a kick out of it. This is originally from;

  6. N. said

    Silly me, I didn’t comment on the actual post. The dr comic, I’d totally do something like that. No, I’m kidding!

    Right, so yes it is peace and not emptiness. Cheer up.

  7. Tooomz said

    I know who the Boob is for ;P

    So I’m like totally loving the LoTR clip.

    I <3 LoTR!!!!!!! I <3 Legolas!!!! and I <3 <3 <3 Aragorn !!! and wtf Mordor!!! Be careful the EYE IS WATCHING YOU FRODO!!!!

    *sings* Empathy & Apathy live together in perfect harmony.

  8. Chirp said

    BoooooBies! LOL

    You cracked me up

  9. Princess said

    maynoooooonaaaaaaaa!! hehehehe and i loved that gorrilla, such attitude!!

  10. hussah said

    Hun what your feeling is depression. You should go to and diagnose yourself.

  11. Nils P said

    I especially like the personal ad from “Framley Man” :D

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