Not Much

September 24, 2007

Hello there children! Yeah, I know I didn’t post yesterday, you don’t have to tell me that. I was sick and I skipped work- shit! That reminds me I have to go fill out a a crappy form and give it to HR. Merde!

Anyway, I haven’t had time to gather up crap for this post. So we’ll stick with some pictures for now:

I would give him the bonus


Lol – its true. Aham Shay- Level 1 Human


I use this all the time- otherwise I’d have

to beat the guys off with a stick- and that’s just mean.




Sometimes it is the answer


Seeing as you haven’t any interest in drug week I’ll just put these comics up now:



And now for what is quickly becoming a popular segment — MINI-RETARDED-VIDEO time!














Stop Thief!


I know this is random- well actually that’s what I’m known for- but the girl on the left totally reminds me of Chirp. Keep on rockin’ Chirp! You really are great!



Quote of the Day:

“If love is blind, why is lingerie so popular?”








6 Responses to “Not Much”

  1. Tooomz said

    I loved the Bonus Point. Who wants to eliminate horniness? LOL that was such a random product!

    I have missed you & your posts ;)

  2. Blue Dress said

    The BIRD hahahahaha!

    Are you on a diet or something?

  3. chikapappi said

    LOL!!! I missed it too! Hahahahah!!AHAM THING THE GRAPE THING! !LOOOOOOOOOL @ the quote!!

  4. N. said

    Whats wrong with nerds eh?

    The heroin comic is sad :/

    I thought the perez hilton picture were barbies lol!

  5. Chirp said

    Spencer is such an ass. He’s freaky.

    The quote is hilarious dude, seriously. And everything sounds better in french hehe

    The grape thing AHAHAHAHAHA they should have anti-boobie attractors

    And the rest is left unwritten!

  6. Princess said

    the cannibis thing reminds me of my friend and i whenever we r together thats all we do hehe and ur posts r just madre shloon, like bolt of lightening going thru my spine hehehe i just wanted to say that and wat else? yumaaaaa 3al shark thing, i hate sharks!

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