Bands Made of Rubber

September 9, 2007

I feel like I should be sitting in a dark smoky room with sultry jazz playing in the background with large glass of whiskey in my hand. That’s the only environment that I feel would be appropriate for me at this time. I need to be somewhere dark and broody, because that’s how I feel. I wonder how long this depression is going to last. I hope not too long. Not just for my sake but for yours too: I’m pissy when I’m sad, so nobody bother me (you have been forewarned).


My latest project at work: I made a little picture replica of one of my coworkers, I drew her face and stuck rubberbands on the head as hair. I know, I know, you are amazed by my creativity. Art is one of the other gifts that God has bestowed upon me.

Okay, fine, so I may not be an artist but God gave me some kinda guts. Sitting in a glass office surrounded by glue, rubberbands, scissors, colored pens, poster paper trying to finish a kindergartenish project takes guts. There is no way I could have raqa3ed the situation if my boss walked in. Honestly, I probably wouldn’t have even tried to. I would’ve just looked up at him and gone back to intensely gluing the rubberbands on the poster paper, my tongue sticking out in concentration.

Anyway, I finished my project without disturbance and then stuck it on my coworker’s wall. I think she likes it.


Anyway, I gotta go it’s already 2:45pm. Time just flies when you’re creating art (try it- go to your company’s supply closet and make something – and then email me the pictures and I’ll post your awesome creation).

Pigs tattooed with LV logo


Snoop Dog is the Shizzle-Bizzizzzzlzzle


I wonder who actually took the contact info…





5 Responses to “Bands Made of Rubber”

  1. chikapappi said

    HAHAHAHA @ Snoop’s pic! LOL!!!! he be that! LOL!

    Wein 9orat el co-worker woman! Show – hide her face or somethin’

  2. Whiskey said

    LOL! wait till i give you my art works!

    P.S sorry im not drinkable … stick with the redollaH yaYy.

    7araaam 3al pigs i almost cried…;(

  3. Whiskey said

    plus we need more Lv bags


  4. N. said

    After all that, you didn’t take a snapshot of your creation? Picture or it didn’t happen!

    Shall I be evil? Alright, this is a good time waster, but tons of fun, check this out: go there, and explore.

    Only snoop, as a male species, can get away with that.

  5. Chirp said

    Your way too cool.

    can we be friends?

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