And you want me to quit smoking?

September 6, 2007

You know, when I tell somebody a problem or complain about something I don’t want want to be criticized. I want to be comforted, I want you to curse the source of my problem. I don’t want you to zif me. You’re not helping me whatsoever, you’re just stressing me out.

Let me explain to you more clearly what I’m talking about:

I hate my job, you know that. Most of the work I get, when I get it, is super retarded. TIMMY! For example, today, all I’ve been doing is changing the color schemes and formats on power point presentations. What the fuck? I didn’t get a degree from a top 20 business school to do shit I learnt to do in middle school computer class. I hate it! God-fucking-damnit!

I know that I shouldn’t be here. The only reason I am here is because I have nothing better to do. Atleast that was before. Now, I want to start studying for the GRE and filling out applications…etc. So now, I want to quit. Now, this is all nothing really new. What annoys me about it are my parents. What do my parents have to do with it? They are soooo unhelpful. Okay, I never expected them to be helpful, but atleast don’t put me down.

So my mother calls me today, at work…

Prophet (P): I hate my job, I hate it. I want to quit. Seriously. I want to quit today.

Mumsy (M): Don’t be in such a rush! Why are you in such a rush?

P: I have to study and apply for graduate programs. The application is due October 1st.

M: So? Study at work.

(Now this is theoretically a good idea, except there is no way I can study in this atmosphere and they do give me work to do – really retarded work-but it’s still time consuming.)

P: I can’t, I do things around here, stupid shit, but I do things nonetheless.

M: Tell them you’re not going to do that shit anymore!

P: What? I can’t just say I’m not going to do the work they assign me anymore and sit on my ass. The way you say “I’m not going to do this shit anymore” is quit!

M: No, its your fault for doing the stuff they give you. You should’ve told them the minute they give you that shit to do that you wouldn’t do it!

(The above statement is probably slightly true, but what the fuck ma? you’re supposed to make me feel better not make me feel like crap. and besides you’re supposed to do what your boss tells you, right? I mean he didn’t ask me to scrub the toilets, he asked me to do the only shit they have to do around here: which is pretend to work by changing the colors on things)

P: I’m not the only one that does this shit. This what people do here!!!!

M: *blah blah blah*

P: Ma, you’re not getting my point… *blah blah blah*

P: God damnit! Fine ma! Fine! I’ll talk to you when I get home. Bye.

*tear my hair out of my head*

Everytime I talk to my mom about anything she drives me insane!!!!!


I’m so pissed. And I know why: because I have to keep quite and be respectful and keep it all in (I can’t just shut the phone). One day, I swear to God, I’m going to kill somebody because I’m so frustrated. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! I really want to scream but I’m still at work: GOD DAMNIT!

There are shooting pains in my head and my arms; I think I might be having a heart attack.

Okay… fine, I’m not. But one day I will. I don’t need all this stress.

All this stress and you want me to quit smoking?


Anyway, not everything in life is bad. I know one thing that good. Rainbows? No! Tampons? No!……. the new iPods!!!!!!!! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!!!


iPod Hero: Touch me baby… that…





iPhone (left) iPod (right)



iPod Classic: Much slimmer and holds up to 160 GB!



Renovated iPod Nanooooooooo



A couple of other kick-ass stuff:

Spaceport America (as in “interplanetary travel”)




Batwing Fan



Simpson’s House (it’s real)



Spy Sunglasses – I want!



Quote of the Day:

“Tooomz is the one that makes the boys cry.” – Chirp




15 Responses to “And you want me to quit smoking?”

  1. chikapappi said

    SOB this connection we have at this fuckin place!

  2. chikapappi said

    katabt comment HAL 6OOL o ra7!

    Ok, am pissed off now o will shorten this:

    1. you mom might be right, if you can still manage to stay there- make your time useful

    2. Smokin’ is good :)

    3. your posts cracks me up!

    Keep it up! :P

  3. whiskey said

    Dude smoking sucks, upgrade to drinks.
    Non-alcoholic is ok,
    mix redbull with coke and BUZZZZZZZZZ

    All these things you write in your blog can come out.

    Just speak your mind, since your not staying anyway, why bother and stay quite…
    but looks like your in it for good though.

    talk is good but action is better….

    P.S don’t be fooled by The new Evil ipods

  4. N. said

    Touch ipod? *stroke*

    Parents get like that sometimes. Well, maybe all the time. I don’t know if it is meant to motivate you by reverse psychology? I know it drives me mad! But, like you said, do whatever it is you have to do to apply and get that out of your way.

    Batwing fan kicks ass, and the Simpsons house kicks more ass!

  5. princess said

    i like that square nano thing, hmm, and dnt quit smoking, chika is right, smoking is good! and i know parents are ass walla, and when u want to smack them senseless to knock some sense into them u cnt lana then ur not respectfull *gag*

  6. Chirp said

    LOL so you liked my quote huh?? :P

    THe simpsons house is coool but you know what would be cooler? Owning Hogwarts uh-huh!

    And about your mom – its okay, I argue with my mom alot too, about the same things everytime.

    this is to Whiskey …Mixing redbull and coke?! Does NOT sound like a drinkable combination!

    An hour is left before we numb our minds infront of the hills .. YES! (napoleon dynamite style)

  7. Planning for a graduate degree, with no clear end point, is nothing more than running away from your responsibilities. Take it from someone who knows!

    If your job really is intolerable, first apply for another job that awards scholarships to it’s star employees. Then get that job and ace the hell out of it until your skills are noticed and you’re awarded that scholarship. So it’ll take you another 2 years to prove yourself, so what? MBA’s last forever! But at least this way, you hit two birds with one stone, and be professional and career-minded about it, and that’s what’s going to show on your CV.

    Bickering about it on a blog, or to your parent who’s simply concerned about her kid is just that, bickering. Nothings gained, and nothings lost, except maybe a couple of degraded lungs.

  8. Jacqui said

    Can’t touch this.. :P

    I want a touch! and a Nano! and a classic! and a Shuffle!

    Help :(

  9. Prophet of Random said

    whiskey: redbull and coke? as in coca-cola? That seems kinda nasty. Anyway, i’ve been trying to reduce the chemicals I consume.

    Aggressor: Running away from this hellhole is exactly what I want to do. And i never said I wanted to get an MBA. I completely do not want to be in business and banking which is why I wanted to get a graduate degree in something completely different….
    And anyways I can bicker about my problems on MY BLOG and bicker to MY PARENTS. That’s the whole point of this specific post: When I bicker and complain I want people to comfort me and nothing else. Comprendo?

    If you dislike the bickering it’s real easy to get rid of it: if you somehow mistakenly stumble upon my bickerful blog, you see that little X on the top right-hand corner of your monitor? CLICK ON IT.

  10. N. said

    btw, Prophet, what are you looking to get into? What field? I’m curious.

  11. Whiskey said

    TRY IT, its not nasty tastes like skittels

  12. Prophet of Random said

    N: I can’t tell you what field, it’s a secret. Only Jeffery, my imaginary parrot knows. Polly wanna cracker?

    Whiskey: How many parts redbull to how many parts coke?

  13. N. said

    Hi Jeffry! I was wondering since I have been thinking about this myself for the past few months. Business just isn’t for me. Anywho, wish you the best with that!

  14. Whiskey said

    Ok half can of each, which means you have to drink 2 glasses of cokebull, or redola, which ever you want to call it, Woooooooohoooooooo

  15. sknkwrkz said

    just fucking quit already.

    any 9-5 is a waste of time.

    as is some other graduate degree, cos graduate degrees only teach you how to work at a higher level of incompetence for slightly better pay.

    if theres something out there that you really really want to do, then cut all your distractions, including your job and go for it.

    unless you want to become like a brain surgeon or something stupid like that,….

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