September 4, 2007

Anyway, as you can tell from my previous post I’m not having the best week. But that doesn’t mean that you should get depressed and have a crappy week. So I just thought I’d be a little positive and tell you about some things I saw today that made me say “Que?”

First of all, KDD is putting up new ads for ramadan. One of these is for “qamar al-deen” drink which I always thought was tamarind, right? Then why the hell do they have a picture of the apricot drink on there? KDD won’t fool me!

Second of all, a bus passed by me today and there was a large ad stuck on it for “fawazeer 7alima”. As in 7alima Boland. She was dressed in a raggedy-ann outfit. I really don’t understand 7alima. Nor do I want to (I think that the RSPCA should just put that bitch down). But I do want to understand why she is so popular. Now, I’ve seen her on TV a couple of times, I enjoy tamaskharing on her (on how she dresses and the way she behaves). My question is: Is she popular because everybody makes fun of her or is it because she is considered fashionably cool and, dare I say it, kuwaiti girls want to emulate her? I would very much appreciate your input on this.

Third of all, I was walking to work when I could have sworn I saw Nicolas Cage. Well, kinda, I saw a hindi Nicolas Cage. Close enough, in my opinion.

So tell me, what has recently made you say “Que?!”

I also say “Donde estan mis pantalones?” alot, but that’s a completely different story.

Also, I have to make some small political commentary (obviously not concerning kuwaiti politics-because we all know what happens if I do that). So I’m going to address all you people that can vote in next year’s US presidential elections. Everbody knows what you have to do on Novemeber 4th of 2008: You gotsta….


Oh yeah, another thing that makes me say “que?” is this pop-up that keeps appearing on my computer. I don’t understand it. Why is there a whore in the background? If I want horoscopes I’m not going to click a pop-up with some prostitute on it. And if I want porn I’m not going to go to a horoscope website. I don’t understand the market they’re trying to reach with this pop-up. Let’s think about it….. hmmmm….. Horny Horoscopes. I think that that could actually have a following. I’d read it for a good laugh. Something like:

“Make sure to trim the bush, somebody is going to go down on you today.”

I should really start charging for all these awesome business ideas I give to y’all. I knew my business degree wasn’t useless!


Oh yeah, did you notice the “click here” on her ass? You gotta love that.



Quote of the Day:

“Energizer Bunny arrested, charged with battery.”





9 Responses to “Que?”

  1. whiskey said

    Khalaa9 theba7teni laughing!
    “3alla donde estan mis pantalones”

    So,qué la historia?

  2. Tooomz said

    Barak and horoscope jpgs don’t show up for me.

    I am supposed to be finalizing a document damnit!

  3. intlxpatr said

    Where are your pants?????

    Very funny entry.

  4. N. said

    Why aren’t he pictures showing? Is it destiny shielding me? Que mas? As for 7alima’s popularity, it is because people love her so much, and hate her. That’s how you become successful and powerful in a society (in terms of politics). Just look at Bush, people love him and hate him. There are other examples. I believe this is a Machiavellian thing.

  5. Tooomz said

    Y’know, horny horoscopes probably exist. You haven’t searched hard enough ;)

  6. hussah said

    You want to know something about 7alema that super depressing? My dad told me today that AL Rai Tv pays her 15,000 KD per episode!!!!!! for what!!!! Isn’t that so sad! Anyways plus qamerdeen has always been apricort hun thats dried then made into a juice!

  7. Prophet of Random said

    Hussah: 15 Gs? Are you serious? Im sooooooo in the wrong line of work! I should start appearing on tv wear a table cloth and talk in a whiny voice.

    Forgetting the 15000, she probably makes even more in product endorsements: like 7aleema Magic, and I think she did sunglasses too.

    Damn! That girl’s GETTIN’ PAID!!!!

  8. hussah said

    Yup Seriously! It’s insane. I wish I stayed in KU, put a lot of make up, and act stupid and silly. Thats what your supposed to do!!!!

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