Shows and Zubbles

September 2, 2007

I’ve recently concluded that I have become ADD and not just to get my hands on some kiddy cocaine (adderall). I cannot concentrate on anything. Everything I’m around is a mess (I can’t stay on any task long enough do things fully, like clean up). Another thing is I have a hard time reading now. Before, I used to read like a…. a…. bird… um no… wait…. what reads alot? Ummmm…. a scanner! I used to read like a HP digital scanner, but now I can’t read for Scandinavian rat shit. I hate it, its really pissing me off, I really need to get it fixed.

Anyway, the one thing that I can concentrate on for a somewhat prolonged period of time is television (and even that not as much as I used to). The point off this whole rant is to tell you that there are some pretty interesting TV shows out there:

  • Dexter – This show is majorly fucked up, I loooooooove it!
  • MXC (Most Extreme Elimination Challenge) – I guarantee that you will laugh your nuts off.
  • House M.D. – Perfection
  • Weeds – Mary-Kate Olsen is supposed to be joining the cast, I wonder how that’s going to be. She’s probably going to play a coked out vampire chick.
  • Heroes – The girl from Veronica Mars is going to be joining the cast.
  • The Hills – I’m ashamed to admit this, but The Hills has grown on me. I’m addicted to the stupidity and drama. You might ask what has the cast of The Hills been up to lately (this is specifically for Chirp- from thesuperficial)




LC with a gorgeous bodied male *humana humana*



“Lauren Conrad is very famous:


Lauren Conrad and some other people from The Hills were spotted frolicking on the beach. Which is news, because, you know, one time Lauren totally kissed Jason and then Heidi was all, “I can’t believe she did that” but she did, and then she ordered a latte and got a tan. So see? Famous. Man, how does she handle the pressures of being her? She’s like a monolith.”




In more entertainment news, the cast of heroes is in Paris. The only reason I care is because it means more pictures of Milo (damn that boy be fine!). Hayden Panty-whatever is cute too (you know she’s probably going to be in rehab by next year). Milo is kinda zoned out in this picture but whatever I’d do him anyway.



You might be wondering at this point “What the hell are zubbles?”. They are only the coolest thing ever invented since the nipple clamp. They’re colored bubbles!! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!



Another not so cool invention is the crayon-scented cologne. Why you want to smell like crayons? Let’s think about this for a minute…. hmmmmm… I guess pedophiles could use it to attract kindergarteners. You know little stupid kids like Ralph from The Simpsons would go “*sniff sniff* That man smells like Red No.5. I love Crayola Red No. 5! It tastes yummy!”. What do you think? Why the hell would someone want to smell like crayons?



As my good friends know, I’m a big fan of drugs. Prescription, herbal, legal, illegal, be it what it may. I’m alot better than I used to be in college (I was completely fucked most of the time). Now, don’t get the wrong idea about me, I’m no coke head. I used to be really sick, and American doctors love giving out meds. I was on 13 different types of meds at one point. And I was beyond gone. It was really fun at times, other times not so fun (stories of bad med trips are for another day). Anyway, I’ve quit taking meds and I’m trying to purify myself. But I still have to admit that I find drugs very interesting. So I just wanted to ask all of y’all opinion on whether you want this week to be drug week (just like C&H is doing). Whatcha think? Want drugs? Comments people, comments!

First Drug Comic of the Week


More Comics

Dirty Dirty Harry


Bad Choice of Words



Quote of the Day:

“Whatever, I’d do him anyway.” – Prophet of Random

That’s all for today kiddos!


PS: I just got called to do a voice-over for some company. You know “Please enter the extension number now or zero for operator assistance”. They saw me and said they needed a female voice so I said yes. They said other girls wouldn’t do it. Why the hell not? You’re not giving them your virginity just your voice and you don’t have to make sexual moan either. What the hell is wrong with the girls here. Stupid hos (no seriously, alot of the girls that work here are hos). Anyway, I recorded, I’m not sure if they’ll use it (my allergy-ridden nose makes my voice nasal). I’ll let you know if they use it so that you may all revel and be delighted in hearing your divine Prophet’s voice.













8 Responses to “Shows and Zubbles”

  1. Blue dress said

    LoooooooooooooL! the clock hahahaha
    Love it.

    what does Ho, mean?


  2. Tooomz said

    You made me spit out my water!

    Didn’t I tell you you’d love Dexter? So did you get over his voice yet? ;P Let me know when you finish the show so we can go OMG together.

    I hate you for getting me hooked on The Hills. All I do now is stare at a picture of LC with my bag (okay, my mom’s :P)

    I’m excited over Kristen joining Heroes! Who does want to smell like crayons?? Can’t wait to hear your nasally voice…umm I had other thoughts but I forgot them…

  3. chikapappi said

    LOL you junkie! I understand those posts now! hehhehe!

  4. Chirp said

    I love the hills i love the hills la la la i love the hills and so does toooomz ;p

    your funny and you know it ;p and your team is good but we still beat ya ;)

    how do you get colored bubbles?!?!?!

  5. Tooomz said

    NOOOO! I DONT LOVE THE HILLS! I am just hooked. There is a difference!

  6. Chirp said

    Tooomz – whatever your in denial

  7. N. said

    Is the Hills any good? Is is a chick flick? I’ll probably look into it. I love Dexter, we bonded, one some virtual level.

    Hayden.. just turned 18… She is hot! Alright, I don’t have to feel guilty saying this out loud. Shit. Did I say ‘out loud’?

    Congrats on the voice operator gig. You should just add in, “Para el Espanol, marke el numero tres.” :p

  8. Prophet of Random said

    N. : The Hills is COMPLETELY a chick series. You’re probably going to hate it when you first start watching it, but as Tooomz said, you get hooked.

    I love the spanish voice overs. In the states, I’d ALWAYS repeat after them:

    Para en espanol, por favor prima el numero quatro.

    Chirp: Chirp we have to take Spanish classes!

    Chikapippi: I am NOT a junkie. I keep all my drug use very high class, thank you very much. Unfortunately, drugs have nothing to do with why I’m insane, I just am, naturally.

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