Orange Mocha Frappucino

August 28, 2007

I don’t really feel like posting today. I don’t feel like being at work either (but I am- although I showed up 3 hours late :) ). What I really want to be doing right now is sitting by a pristine pool, soaking up the sun’s rays, with an orange mocha frapuccino in my hand. It would be nice if there was a little Captain Morgan in the frappucino.
For all of you “hard at work” right now: close your eyes and imagine, just for a minute, that you’re tanning by a beautiful pool with a lil something-something in your drink. Close your eyes, I mean it! …….. now start imagining……………..





Now, wasn’t that nice?

*deep sigh* You know, there are so many better places you could be on earth than where you are. Do you know that? Now, now, I know that there are some of you over-patriotic, optimistic, enthusiastic, spastic, plastic, magic, lick, stick, anything-ic people who are saying “What?! No way! Kuwait is the bestest best bestest place ever! Gimme a K! Kay! Gimme a U! Yu! Gimme a W -”

Shut the fuck up and spare us your unrealistic fake patriotism. I have decided to become a citizen of Huvafen Fushi. Now, I don’t know if they can give me citizenship seeing as Huvafen Fushi is a resort. But I don’t care. I’m determined to become a citizen there. It’ll be so awesome: I’d get to say “Hi, I’m Prophet and I’m Huvafen Fushian. Where are you from?”

Why a Huvafen Fushi citizen? Because its a bloody amazing place! Thats why! It’s in the Maldives. Take a look:




Under-Water Spa



Go through the website and then tell me you’d rather be sitting in Nino or some shit like that.

Viva Huvafen Fushi!

Anyway, since I came in late, I don’t really have time to post anything really. So I’ll part with a couple of comics. The first is an interviewing tip to help all of you out there that are looking to get employed.






Oh yeah, I just remembered: I want to thank N. for the link yesterday (Perez Hilton actually posted about it too). Check it out:

This is it:



4 Responses to “Orange Mocha Frappucino”

  1. chikapappi said

    Well, I don’t feel like going to work everyday, show up late an hour o leave early :)

    Can I join your “cult” & be a citizen too! The pics are amazing & I sooooooooooo wanna get a tan & swim *siggghhhhh*

  2. N. said

    You’re welcome. So that is what it looks like? Bummer, I thought it would look cooler. Maybe large and evil, with two heads and spikes or something.

    I want to be a Huvafen Fushian too, is that possible? How about a neighbor? I’ll take that offer!

    I’m planning an escape. Yes, but *shhh* no one must know.

  3. Noura said

    my next bday .. get ready :>

  4. Tooomz said

    It’s my first day back at work. So far, accomplished a lot but feeling Blah. Where is today’s fun post to liven up my day?

    Noura, am I invited?

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