Lysol and Tapeworms

August 19, 2007

I don’t really feel like typing about anything so let’s just stick with pictures for today.

For Feminine Hygiene


Get thin quick!


Remember lemmings?


Why hello there!….. WTF?!


What’s odd about this picture?


Bi-Polar Bear


And ofcourse…. some C&H






Ta ta kiddos!







6 Responses to “Lysol and Tapeworms”

  1. Princess said

    LOL no it does not look like a miracle :p

  2. N. said

    lol! Lysol? We used to use that to clean our bathrooms.

  3. N. said

    Oh, I think you’ve posted that C&H comic before.

  4. Prophet of Random said

    One of the miracles of being a woman…. lol

    The other being popping a watermelon sized person out of a lemon sized hole = A MIRACLE IN TERMS OF PHYSICS BUT NOT A MIRACLE IN ANY OTHER WAY

    N: Yeah, I had a feeling that I’d posted it before. Oh well….. too late now.

  5. Prophet of Random said

    Yeah, lysol is pretty much like dettol. It might leave you smelling pine fresh down there but is it really worth the hell-like burning sensation?

    Did you guys notice the tapeworm diet? If that was available now I know alot of retarded girls that would do it…. TIMMY!

  6. N. said

    I think the hell-like burning sensation was intended as a stimulus! Yes, people were crazy in the 50s! (As we will be in 2050).

    The tapeworm thing would have a lot of fans indeed! I prefer Jimmy though, he’s hilarious. :p

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