August 14, 2007

I’m back to being semi-normal. I was just having a shitty day yesterday. Anyway, I’m back.

I’m sorta busy today so lets go straight to the funny stuff:





This next one is for Chirp and Tooomz:


And this last one has to do with the pillowig that I posted about a little bit ago (which was basically a pillow you could wear like a hat). And Skunk said “if you did a local pillowig,….you could have a whole sleeping bag attached to a burqa! ka-fucking-ching!”

Well Skunk, it turns out ka-fucking-ching indeed! Check-out what I found was aready invented and on sale:


Isn’t that completely kick-ass? I soooo need to get one. Finally! I’m going to be the coolest chick on the block when I wear this!


3 Responses to “Semi-Normalcy”

  1. Chirp said

    LOL you are going to be the hottest chic on the block :P

    I don’t get the potatoooo one!

    QUIT ME! Why would toooomz wana quit me?! :P

  2. Tooomz said

    Where are they on sale? Sooo tempted to get one!

    I didn’t get it either Chirp.

  3. sknkwrkz said

    ahhh what can i say,…great minds think alike, or some crap like that.


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