Let the celebrations begin!

August 1, 2007

Ola people! I’ve officially started my birthday celebrations, so expect me to be dazed and confoozed for the next few days.

I’ve posted about the Darwin Awards a couple of times now. And I just found out that a movie called The Darwin Awards was released on DVD yesterday. I wonder if its about the same thing. Hold on, let me google it…….

Apparently it kinda is. Here’s the synopsis:

“Based on four best-selling non-fiction books of over 700 Darwin Award cases, The Darwin Awards takes a darkly comic view at the people who risk their lives pursuing a crazy idea…

only to end up improving the human race by removing themselves from the gene pool and thus earning a “Darwin” award. Winona Ryder stars as an insurance claims investigator, along with Joseph Fiennes as a forensic detective, who team up to investigate potential Darwin Award winners.”

I hope they didn’t rape a movie with so much potential. I’ll hope for the best. And I’ll let ya’ll know when I see it.

I just realized that I haven’t posted comics in a while:




You guys remember the fatwa about breastfeeding that was released a while back. Well, it actually made it into The News of The Wierd:

“Egypt’s Muslims are growing weary of the number of specific religious edicts (“fatwas”) issued by the country’s clerics, including two recent, highly controversial ones, according to a June New York Times dispatch from Cairo. Ezzat Atiya, a lecturer at the prestigious al-Azhar Islamic University, had declared that men can be permitted to see unrelated women without their head scarves (which is ordinarily prohibited) by the symbolic act of the woman’s breastfeeding the man five times, which in theory places the woman on similar footing to the man’s mother. A second challenging fatwa declared that drinking the urine of the Prophet Muhammad would be holy. (Atiya has been suspended.) [Reuters, 5-21-07; New York Times, 6-12-07] ”

Its nice to see that the top relegious quacks teachers are helping improve the perception of Islam in the eyes of others, eh?

Anyway, two other interesting things on the news of the wierd are:

“Kylie Wilson, 28, was convicted in June in Brisbane, Australia, of stabbing her friend Daniel Blair because Blair literally would not stop masturbating in her home, where Wilson’s 3-year-old daughter was present. According to Wilson, Blair started his adventure in the bathroom and moved to the bedroom, ignoring Wilson’s pleas, until she grabbed a knife and stabbed him twice in the shoulder. Even then, the wounded Blair merely retreated to the garage, where he continued what a newspaper called his “marathon.” [The Age (Melbourne), 6-20-07] ”

That is why masturbating too much is considered bad for your health.

I also read that they might start making horse and deer sushi because of international tuna fishing laws. Yummmm…. I would love to eat Bambi and Mr. Ed.

I’ve got a question: Have any of you heard of a restuarant that was supposed to open in Kuwait called something like the Hunter’s Den thats supposed to sell exotic meats like crocodile and shit? I wonder if you’d even be allowed to open a place like that on the basis that eating that eating that stuff is 7aram.


Ciao bambinos!


4 Responses to “Let the celebrations begin!”

  1. sknkwrkz said

    why is eating bambi haram?

    bambi was delicious :D

    never tried mr ed, but its not bad apparently.

    and wouldnt an exotic meats restaraunt include pork?

  2. Prophet of Random said

    Eating bambi isn’t 7aram. But I’m pretty sure eating crocodiles would be based on the fact that they’re carnivores.

    Let me see if I can remember the 7aram food list:

    2.Animals with hooves
    3.Animals with claws
    5.Animals that eat dead animals
    6.Animals that are found dead
    7.Animals that fall off of cliffs (I wonder why that is)
    8.And I assume it’s 7aram to eat people, even though I don’t know that its specifically stated in the quran.
    9.An exception to all of the above is marine animals. But its 7aram to eat crustaceans, if your Shiite, except for shrimps (because they taste really good- seriously).

  3. sknkwrkz said

    cows have hooves dont they?

    chickens have claws.

    and lol @ those that go off cliffs,.. so lemmings are out of the question then?

    wouldnt people fall under the animals that eat dead animals catergory?

    but then people are the only animals that dont have claws or hooves, and theyre technically omnivores, so people are actually the one of the most religiously correct thing to eat.

    and all crustaceans are absolutely delicious.

    i’ve never been more glad to not be a muslim cos lobsters and crabs were put on this earth to be enjoyed by all.

  4. sknkwrkz said

    oh and happy birthday :D

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