Mmmmm….. Drugs

July 10, 2007

“The principle of individual freedom linked to social responsibility lies at the heart of our democracy.  As an adult and responsible member of society I absolutely assert my right to take any mind-altering substance, be that ecstasy, alcohol, heroin, tobacco or cannabis.  No one, least of all the state, has the right to tell me otherwise”

I completely agree. Governments, except for the benevolent dictatorship I intend to establish, are evil. Only my God and and I decide whats wrong for me (since I’m not harming anybody). I should be able to but as much Sudafed as I want without having the pharmacist call the cop because he thinks I’m going to make meth with it.

Everybody is addicted to something. It could be tobacco, cannabis, alcohol, caffiene, love, exercise, attention or anything. Anything in excess is bad for you, but just enough makes you feel so damn good. What you’re addicted to is feeling good. And what’s wrong with that? In a world where things are and feel so bad sometimes, why can’t you try to make yourself feel good? The government shouldn’t have the authority to tell you you can’t feel good (as long as you aren’t hurting people). It’s like they’re telling you you can’t masturbate, or can’t blow bubbles with your bubblegum. Its wrong to tell people that they can’t do things that make them feel good. 

Anyway, I want to start a page dedicated to drugs and such. Life is just huge chemical reaction. and I think we should learn about the chemicals that might be involved in this reaction. I’ll try to post the page, as soon as I feel like it and as soon as I figure out how. Teknolodjy is hard.



St. Cannabobby

Anyways, I ordered Blackadder Yes, Primeminister and some other DVDs to help me get thru next week (post-surgery). I expect well-wishers armed with painkillers to visit me at home and dote on me. I’ve been trying to think of ways to occupy myself while I’m at home. I appreciate any suggestions. Here’s what I’ve come up wih so far: 

  1. Shave my cat  (my dad won’t let me)

  2. Dye my cat blue- with blue kool-aid and vinegar.

  3. Apply to gradschool (productive but boring)

  4. Work on my tan (the doctor said no sun exposure)

  5. Discover a something new to sleep to. The best things to sleep to so far are:   

  • Golf Channel

  • Japanese TV

  • The America’s Cup

 That’s what I’ve thought of so far. Whatever I do though can’t raise my blood pressure and dilate my blood vessels otherwise I’ll start bleeding all over then place = shweet!

Has anybody seen the new transformers movie? Lemme know how it was.

Here’s some silliness to end this post:




2 Responses to “Mmmmm….. Drugs”

  1. sknkwrkz said

    damn no blood pressure rises?

    there goes my porn idea.

  2. Some Random said

    Coolest person :)

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