Don’t Feed the Birds

July 5, 2007

Hiedi ho! Its the weekend! Wooohooo! Weekends are the days that I look forward to immensely. Most girls would say they look forward to they day they’re going to get married and have children. I look forward to the day I’m going to have children too. Why? Well, because I’m going to able to do with them whatever I like. I’m not going to beat them (excessively), I’m just going to educate them my way. And I’m going to start by teaching them the letters of the alpahbet. While most parents would probably tell their kids “A is for Apple….etc.” this is what I’m going to say to my kids:

Kids are quite a long way away yet. I haven’t even turned 23 yet. Which reminds me. My birthday is less than a month away. I haven’t decided if I want to have a big party or just chill with some good friends. A big party is alot of fun but is always accompanied by drama. If I do a small thing, no drama but I might feel like I haven’t really celebrated my birthday. And it’s mandatory for me to really celebrate my birthday. Actually it should be mandatory for everybody to celebrate my birthday: I am your saviour from ennui, after all. Helpful suggestions are welcome.

As long as I’m talking about me I might as well discuss how I lost the tip of my left index finger. Alot of people are curious about that. Actually, I don’t like to talk about it, so I found a picture that describe the horrid incident:



Wow, how time flies, that was such a long time ago. Here are some more pictures for your entertainment. ENJOY!


Candy: Proof that Jesus loves you.


This is an awesome license plate!


Looooool! You have no grasp of physics (the electricity part) if you don’t get this. Go back to highschool!




Look at his hat, I don’t think he’s gonna make it.


I’m so gonna wear a shirt like that when I’m old and diabetic.


The comic below doesn’t make sense: I LOVE IT!



5 Responses to “Don’t Feed the Birds”

  1. MishMisha said

    looooool i loved the pics. they’re awesome, and the comic totally cracked me up!

    and the dude wit the diabetes, isn’t he an actor?? he looks so familiar… hmmmmmmm i wonder

  2. you lost a tip of your finger? I WANNA SEE haha thats cool (kind of in a weird way)
    your funny

  3. Fayoora said

    I love the last one
    So Funny! ;P

  4. M. said

    If Green Tranny (seen in picture above) and Trogdor the Burninator (seen in link posted above)went up against each other in a fantasy death match, who would kick whose ass?
    Whoever drops the soap.

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