Yummmm…..dead people

June 28, 2007

Hi everybody, sorry for not updating yesterday. I was off sick. And contrary to popular belief I wasn’t on a cocaine binge, snorting cocaine off of the gorgeous bodies of male prostitutes. That was last week.

Yesterday, I was near asphyxiation thanks to our dust-filled air. Fucking allergies. But you know what makes me feel better? Imagining that the dust in the air isn’t really dust but rather the cremated bodies of dead people. Yuuuuum…. dead people.

Anyway, I wouldn’t really do cocaine. Why? Because cocaine is bad for agriculture. Just take a look at was a coke-head did to a cornfield while trying to escape from police:



Cokeheads are funny….teehee….

Anyway, I have to remain drug-free for the next 2 days (doctor’s orders). They want to get a CT of my nose sans chemical interference. And then, based on that scan their going to surgically hollow out my nose. Fun!

Enough about me and my lack of breathing. You’re here to be entertained. So let me entertain you with pictures that explain why dogs bite people, followed by some comics. ENJOY!








I am sooooooo going to do the coffee throwing thing one day. *Sigh* I don’t know why people commit suicide, there are so many things to look forward to in life.

Have a good weekend kids! And remember: No glove, no love.


Prophet of Random


PS: For those of you feeling sorry for me (you know, because I can’t breathe) I accept gifts in the form of illegal drugs, alcohol, and sexual favors.



One Response to “Yummmm…..dead people”

  1. blondie said

    im sure you can breathe better now, seeing uve had your ‘turbo-ectomy’ :)

    do you still think im ‘stupid’ after i’ve discovered who you are just by reading your random blogs? hehe.. damn i should be a private investigator, im so impressed with myself! there were so many hints.. it was so much fun (yes im pretty bored with this four day holiday and refuse to go out in such traffic!)

    hmmmm.. actually now that i think of it, uve given me a great opening idea for my blog, should i ever create one.. ‘101 hints, signs & clues navigating _______ to her discovery of the true identity of the prophet of random’..

    lol. have i shifted from stupid to freaky? hahaha.

    well happy eid babe and kiss Mona for me, will ya? take care!

    ps. i like your blog, its f’ing hilarious!

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