Things You Need to Know

June 25, 2007

It’s important for all of you keep update with the goings on in the world. Something really important you have to know is the following:


I’m TOTALLY serious. The next No Pants Day is May 2nd, 2008. I’ll try to remember to remind you of it later.

Something else that’s important for you to know is not to mess with porcupines. Why? Well, here’s why:



I think they pulled a total of 1350 quills out of the poor dog.

Something else you should know is that the pain of birth can be shared (click the picture):



One last thing you should know is that you’re not the only one who’s special:



To finish off here’s a little comic for all of you:

Pickup Lines







2 Responses to “Things You Need to Know”

  1. […] other news, Prophet of Random has posted some very crucial event details! The next NO PANTS day is May 2nd 2008! He doesn’t list any sources, but I’m sure a Google search will get you […]

  2. boredq80 said

    The poor dog! What was he doing to get all that in his face! lol

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