Album Covers

June 24, 2007

Today’s post is going to be short because I managed to convince my boss to let me leave work so I can research a couple of things for our division (I need to leave in 5 minutes). So anyway, please enjoy a collection of the crappiest album covers ever:















Damn! Those album covers are hot! They make me want to touch my “naughty place” and think naughty thoughts. Don’t they just completely turn you on?

Especially, TINO (wayed im9adig he’s sexy).

These pictures are so erotic that I have to go somewhere with more privacy. See y’all tomorrow!



3 Responses to “Album Covers”

  1. Tooomz said

    *laughs* They’re all hilarious but wtf is Tino doing? How OLD is he??? I am very, very disturbed. There is some serious fugly going on on those covers.

  2. boredq80 said

    LOL hilarious,
    leaving work early huh? lucky you ;p

  3. sknkwrkz said

    lmfao @ all my friends are dead!

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