Stay Tuned

June 20, 2007

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s dicussion topic- Boobs: Just Plain Fun or Evolutionary Tool?

I would have posted it today, but I’m feeling kinda lazy and my head hurts. All I’m thinking of right now is sitting on a nice sunny beach, soaking up the sun with the best company you could ever have: Cerveza.

Man, I have to find a better job. Its only 11am and I’m already contemplating suicide cuz I’m so fucking bored.

Here’s some interesting news to keep you occupied:

A “neo-sexual” society fosters human intimacy with inanimate objects

Plus Japan’s shrine to facilitate couples breaking up; mandatory, loving spanking by parents; an extreme Islam that requires segregation of cucumbers and tomatoes; “turban pride”; and more in this week’s News of the Weird.

People can develop intimate, romantic relationships with objects (beyond mere fetishism, which produces only short-term arousal), according to one of Germany’s most renowned sexologists, Volkmar Sigusch, interviewed for a May report in Der Spiegel. A reporter claimed to find individuals infatuated with a Hammond organ (and who feared infidelity when a technician performed repairs), New York City’s Twin Towers (whose lover bathed with a miniature version), and the Berlin Wall (which a woman ceremoniously “married” in 1979 and legally changed her name in acknowledgment). Sigusch said this objectophilia was another indication of society’s increasing “neo-sexuality.” [Der Spiegel, 5-11-07]

Weird Japan

Sachio Kawabata, 61, was awarded the equivalent of about $5,000 by a court in Kagoshima in January because the police abused him during interrogation over possible violations of election law. The judge found that Kawabata suffered “great mental anguish” when police wrote his family name and derogatory messages on pieces of paper and forced Kawabata to stomp on them. [Reuters, 5-7-07]

The house specialty at the 800-year-old Yasui Konpiragu Shrine in Kyoto, Japan, is the prayer for strength to end a marriage or other relationship, mostly offered by female visitors who crawl into a “wish tunnel,” but also available from on-site priests for the equivalent of about $50. Parents, also, may pray that a son or daughter ends a bad relationship. [Mainichi Daily News, 1-19-07]

Latest Religious Messages

While the California Assembly debated an open-hand-only spanking bill for parents this spring, the Bethel Baptist Church in El Sobrante continued to demand that spanking by flexible rod is the only punishment acceptable to God and that will produce wisdom in the child. No sturdier weapon may be used, nor the open or closed hand, nor even mere yelling, according to a church pamphlet cited by for a May report. Said one parishioner-parent, “With my girls, the spanking relieved them of their guilt, which allowed them to be happy in a very short time afterward.” Said another, “We disagree with timeouts. … That’s an attack on spanking.” [, 4-28-07]

In May, The Times of London, interviewing witnesses in Diyala province in Iraq, described scenes from the hard-core Salafist version of Islam being enforced (similar to what the Taliban imposed in Afghanistan), including breaking the fingers of those who repeatedly smoked cigarettes, prohibiting grocers from displaying bananas (as “obscene”), and requiring them to screen cucumbers from tomatoes (as the latter are “feminine vegetables”). One local man said he assumed that another restriction that farmers modestly cover their goats’ “nether regions” was just a rumor, until he saw a goat wearing boxer shorts. [The Times (London), 5-3-07]

So many comments… So many…. but my head is about to explode, so I’ll leave it up to all of you to comment on the isanity of the world we live in.


3 Responses to “Stay Tuned”

  1. sknkwrkz said

    i love the world we live in, it may be insane but it sure as hell ain’t boring.

    and the human capacity for stupidity continues to amuse me :D

  2. sknkwrkz said

    oh and BRING ON THE BOOBS!

  3. boredq80 said

    BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOBIESSSSSSSSSS (in a homer simpson voice)

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