June 14, 2007

Hopefully, next sunday I’ll be moving to a computer that’ll allow me to start Stumbling again. And that means fresh, exciting Randomness! Yaaay!

What should I discuss today? Hmmmmmm….. Hmmmmm…… I dunno.

Oh, okay….(Even though its kinda old) I’ll briefly discuss the whole fatwa that was released that stated that a man and a woman are allowed to spend time together alone(without being married) if a woman breastfeeds the man first.

I really don’t know why there’s so much controversy surround this subject. I mean, I’ve personally been following that fatwa for years now (Even before it was published). Granted, everytime I did let a man near “my heaving bosom” (quoted from every romance novel ever written) I wasn’t lactating. And things might have gone a little farther, but hey, like ‘you say tomato-I say tomatoe’ You say breastfeeding – I say blowjob. They both essentially require the same mechanism. And they’re both probably nutritious enough, right?

I wonder if somebody could go ask their local Shiekh if thats okay for me? Thanks!

I know kids, I have a dirty mind but I’m sooo bored and my mind execissively mulls things over when I’m bored.

Lets see what else is there to type about? Well, lets see… I bought dvds from or q8dvds (one of them) and the dvd quality was unsatisfactory. It was House Season 3. Are all the DVDs usually crappy or only the series ones? And can I compain and get my money back. What do y’all think?

BTW, since we’re on the subject: EVERYBODY READING THIS MUST WATCH ‘HOUSE, M.D’. The first two seasons are amazing (disregard the pilot episode)! And I don’t recommend any old crap y’know. Watch it bitches!

Lets see if there’s an interesting picture I can put up for you. Hold on……………….. Oh I know…. Here is a picture of the best Kinder surprise and the best Valentine’s day gift:

A kinder Kinder:


Have a Happy, Giddy, Munchy Valentine’s Day!




3 Responses to “FRESHHHH!”

  1. ًًWill said

    Good god Kinder weed. And it’s filtered too haha.

  2. sknkwrkz said

    lol, you make a good point.

    then again there are some god awfull breasts out there some of which, even as a heterosexual man, i refuse to suckle even if my life depended on it.

  3. illusion said

    Hmmm I’d assume suckling breast is more fun than a blow job! but anyway what do i know.

    and isn’t it too soon for valentine pic?

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