June 11, 2007

I can’t stop thinking about Resistance: Fall of Man on the PS3. So I HAVE to post about it. Think of this game as a mixture between Halo and Counter-Strike, and a little bit of Resident Evil (Crazy-ass creature running around trying to fuck you up).

Anybody who appreciates first-person shooters will LOVE this game. The graphics are AMAZING.

Oooo….Ooo! And this game has a Vs. Mode that reminds me of the olden days of playing James Bond on the N64 with my brothers and sisters. Aaaaahhhh the good old days that used to filled with blood, guns, violence, and giggles. Oh how I miss them so!

Anyway, try this game people! Its bloody amazing!

Here are some screenshots from the game…. mind you, these aren’t from the intro, these are the actual gameplay graphics:



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