Some people have ALOT of time on their hands…

May 28, 2007

This first guy takes cappucinos and creates designs out of the foam on top. Impressive. But not quite as impressive as my ability to …..”*bleep* we interrupt this post to bring you a random thought: this morning I ate a cucumber, drank laban, and drank some tea (with milk), and now I have this intense taste of wine-gums in my mouth and its annoying the shit out of me. My taste buds are fucked up. *bleep*”

So anyway like I was saying, ch-ch-check out the cappuncino art below – TIMMY!














This next guy constructs things out of eggs. This guy should use his abilities to build houses for poor people and they could occasionally eat part of their houses when they get hungry. Ofcourse poor people are kind of retarded (TIMMY!)  so they’d probably grab an egg from the center of the house and the whole thing would collapse, and kill them all. Muhahahaha!!!! That would be really amusing; death by egg *deep sigh*. Anyway:




In case you haven’t noticed, I say things that might offend people sometimes. But the shit I say doesn’t come close to offensive when compared to what I heard yesterday- WARNING; YOU MAY FIND THE FOLLOWING OFFENSIVE:

So, I was talking to a friend of mine (this guy is still in his teens btw) and the discussion turned to the topic of gay people. Now, my friend is not only homophobic, he feels violent, angry, and nauseous when gay people are even mentioned. I told him that he has to mellow out his reaction to gay people. You know what he said: “You know what I feel like doing when I see a gay person, I want to scream “Fag! Go back to Africa!””

What the fuck?!!!! That is so wrong and messed up on so many levels that I couldn’t help bursting into laughter. I mean, holy shit! How the hell did he come up with that?! God damn. I just can’t say anything more about it than…. I find that fucking HILARIOUS.

I’ve decided to tell people that piss me off to “go back to Africa” from now on.

Lets switch it up from random event to random discovery. Have you ever smelled Pufak? That shit smells NASTY! Smell it! Thanks to baby Pedro daddy for the discovery!

I have a feeling y’all are feeling down from the “Go back to Africa” story. Which I feel you just have to know. So to cheer you up I’ll give you a piece of advice and some more pictures.

The advice: Get over it.

The pictures:




Time to go kids! Until tomorrow!

And remember kids: Don’t smoke crack, lick it.


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