May 27, 2007

Today’s post has no theme. Yes, I have the power to do such things. I have some funny comics and some NSFW pictures. And I’m going to post these pictures right now, AT WORK. *dum dum dum dum!*You know why? Cuz thats how I roll. I live dangerously. Its amazing I’m still alive you know.  





My mama always told me “Life is like a box of chocolates” “Don’t play with your food”. I think she was afraid THIS would happen:


Boob in a can!


Nasty tatooo ( Why on earth would somebody get a tatoo of a womans hairy….. shall we say; punani? Is it supposed to be cool? sexy? or funny? It’s completely beyond me)


And now for some of my favorite comics:

This first one is for my jew friend, “——-berg”. This comic gives you one good reason to convert back from Judaism:

Click Jew comic for first comic.



Dr. Suess and child abuse:- I just KNOW that this is how I’m going to treat my kids :


For more Cyanide and Happiness comics click the thumbnails!

emo-minus-depression-equals-amish.png  forever.png  holding-a-guitar-is-like-turning-an-on-off-switch-for-getting-laid.png  spiderman2b.png  whoa.png comicmarbles3.png


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