Introducing the Clouded Leopard

May 21, 2007

So apparently, they discovered a new species of feline, its called the Clouded Leopard. But see the thing it is technically not a leopard. Its as different from a leopard (genetically) as a lion is from a tiger. Why’d they call it a leopard then? I don’t know.

In my professional and divine opinion, there already exists a group of creatures that are distinct from all others: they’re call Pokemon. I think I should email the Society of Animal Lineage and Names and recommend that this creatures name be changed to the Clouded Pokemon, post haste!

Here is a photo of the “leopard” follow the link below it to learn more about this rare pokemon. And don’t be fooled by the retarded appearance of the animal; for this creature officially has the longest canine teeth of any feline:




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